Americans celebrated Pi Day

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Students of America have celebrated Pi day on 14th March and it was mathematically known as 3-14. What makes this day so special is that “Albert Einstein” was born on this day.

Technically, Pi is supposed to be defined as a distance of circle or the circumferences or the Diameter.  And, it is also used for determining calculation of the circle areas, spheres volumes and many others mathematical formulas supposed to be very important for science.

Unlike Math, Pi is very interesting and it is the reason that most of the Americans remember thousands of Pi numbers for various reasons. In 2009, the House of Representatives proposed that “14 March should be designated as national Pi day” and it is generally celebrated by a big number of people across the globe.

An Australian mathematician said that “Pi day is like Pie and you can celebrate it in way you like”. He further said if you are admitted to school, college or university, the math department might have prepared something special for u on this day.

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