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The Changing Face of Plastic Surgery in America

Plastic surgery has come a long way since its inception years ago, and so it’s possible to achieve a lot more with it than was possible to do before. There are also more professionals around and so there’s no reason why you should end up in the hands of a professional who’s not well-trained and […]


Environmental Concerns Dampen Mood at Sochi Games

The Sochi Olympic games have seen their share of controversy, not least among them a reaction to the approach Russia has taken to important environments in the region. Although Putin had promised “zero waste” game construction standards, it quickly became apparent that the country was ill-equipped to build the large-scale infrastructure needed to host the […]


Breakthrough Technology Allows Amputee to Feel Sensation of Touch

In a technological breakthrough for artificial limb construction, 36-year-old Danish patient Dennis Sorensen is the world’s first amputee able to experience the sensation of “touch” with an artificial hand. The sensory-enhanced bionic hand, known by the project name of Lifehand 2, was developed by neuroengineer Silvestro Micera with the help of researchers in Italy and […]