Experts Predict Continued Steady Growth in China’s Forklift Market

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The shift to using electric forklifts has led to steady growth in the availability of cheap used forklifts for sale. On top of this, it has become easier and faster for you to acquire details on where you can get an electric forklift for sale.

I am looking for a 2 ton forklift; where can I get a 3 ton Toyota forklift? The search for forklifts has taken a different turn. The Internet has facilitated the wide spread of information concerning the availability of different types of forklifts. Are you looking for a 50 ton forklift for sale? Your search has been made efficient. All you need to do is conduct a quick search from Google.

With the technological advancements in the modern world, you can differentiate a good service provider from low-quality services. Read through what people have to say about the forklifts bought from a certain seller. This goes a long way in determining what to expect when approaching the company of your choice.

The operations of a forklift require trained personnel. Ensure the forklift is used safely by experienced professionals to avoid damage. In addition to having the forklift remain in good condition, experienced personnel upholds your workplace’s safety while using the forklift.

China currently boasts the world’s largest consumer market for forklifts — and next year, industry experts predict China’s forklift market will continue to see steady rate of growth.

According to a article, China’s forklift sales volume is expected to exceed 400,000 units by 2015, with exports nearing 150,000.

In 2013, China’s total forklift sales volume was at around 329,000 units, meaning this year’s sales are a 21% increase over last year.

Yet many of China’s warehouses still rely on forklifts that are powered by internal combustion engines.

For a market as large as China, a more widespread move toward electric, emissions-free forklift batteries would be highly beneficial for its environment, which is one of the most polluted in the world.

However, electric forklift batteries have some hazards, particularly for the personnel who handle them each day. With lead-acid and nickel-iron forklift batteries, leaks and spills of the hazardous chemicals within are so commonplace that most countries have laws in place requiring acid-resistant flooring in all battery rooms. It’s easy to imagine how much damage spilled battery acid can have on the people who handle them, as a result.

According to Port Strategy, these hazardous batteries are even giving way to sustainably powered forklift batteries that generate their energy from solar power rather than from heavy metals and chemicals.

These newly developed hydrogen fuel cells, created by UK company Briggs Equipment and Honda, are both emission-free and safe for personnel, promising an even brighter future for forklifts as the technology spreads.

“The project has proved what can be achieved. The challenge is now to extend this as widely as possible,” Richard Close, CEO of Briggs Equipment, explained. “Gone are the big lead-acid batteries and their need for space, replacement and maintenance. Maintenance alone is around one-and-a-half times lower. Productivity is also clearly a plus factor, allowing cost benefits to begin to stack up. There is also the potential to replace diesel engines and avoid an ever tightening legislative determination to bear down on NOx and particulate emissions, plus the potential price and supply volatility of hydrocarbons fuels.”

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