Feeling Overheated? Sony’s New Wearable Air Conditioner Can Keep You 20 Degrees Cooler

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Your business enterprise needs to keep workers and clients comfortable throughout the working day. A wide range of heating and air conditioning systems for sale produce widely varying results that may or may not work best for your commercial needs. When your air conditioning goes down, so does productivity.

Our cooling system installation services can handle virtually size HVAC unit that you might need installed to keep your workplace feeling great. Whether you need a 5 ton central ac unit installed or a smaller unit for more targeted cooling, our experienced and professional specialists have the tools and skills needed to do the job right. Professional commercial HVAC installation service can ensure the unit stays in working order longer.

Once your unit is installed, maintenance and occasional repairs help to keep it in optimal conditions while reducing your operating costs. Our service specialists can inspect and replace AC filters, a worn 3 ton compressor unit or inspect and replace any worn or corroded lines or other connections that reducing the cooling system’s effectiveness.

If you have a sudden breakdown, our specialists can diagnose and repair most problems quickly and efficiently. We even have lots of spare parts and tools to ensure we can fix any problem immediately to keep your place cool and comfortable.

Summer is in full swing, and many American families are starting to feel the effects of the heat. Not only can scorching temperatures make you feel wholly uncomfortable or even ill, but they can also wreak havoc on your finances. Since heating and cooling make up 54% of annual utility bills in the average home, having to crank up the air conditioning can result in substantial costs. But Sony may have a solution: a wearable air conditioner that can keep you cool, calm, and collected wherever you go.

By 2020, the number of fashion consumers is expected to reach over 1.2 billion. But this wearable accessory, dubbed the Reon Pocket, is more functional than fashion-forward. Developed over a two-year period, the discreet portable device was initially intended to help Japanese businessmen who needed to stay cool while wearing constrictive suits during the hottest months of the year. The Reon Pocket is meant to be worn with a special undershirt, which has a pocket at the base of the neck. it works using thermoelectric cooling and is connected via Bluetooth to an app that allows for easy temperature regulation. It also offers 90 minutes of battery life and works in conjunction with Android and iOS devices.

Best of all, Sony claims that it can lower an individual’s body temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Theoretically, that could make your life a whole lot easier. Listening to music while working out can increase performance by 15%, but you might need another device to keep your body temperature low enough to finish your workout without wanting to pass out. If you’re able to wear this device along with your iPod, you’ll be able to crush your fitness goals in no time. Alternatively, this device could come in handy when traveling, particularly in places with no central air conditioning, or when spending time outside.

So whether you’re traveling on public transportation on a muggy day or trying to shed some pounds in the gym so that you might no longer be among the one in three adults who can be considered obese, you’ll be able to feel much more comfortable. You might even be able to offset your home cooling costs by wearing one of these devices. And since it takes only a couple of hours to recharge completely, you could theoretically use it multiple times throughout a single day. Interestingly, the Reon Pocket can also be used for heating, which could have all kinds of uses in locations that experience rough winters.

Currently, the shirts that are meant to accompany the device come only in men’s sizes (and limited ones, at that). The devices will start at roughly $117, which makes it somewhat accessible. However, devices won’t be shipped until 2020 and are available only in Japan, for now. But anyone who struggles with feeling overheated might want to keep their eyes on the Reon Pocket for further developments and increased availability.

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