Intel’s X-Ray Helmet Confirms That the Future is Now

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Intel’s newest creation is a very palpable reminder that the future is now.

Their newest product is a helmet that has glasses with a kind of x-ray vision, using a Realsense 3D camera. The glasses have the ability to see through objects, allowing the wearer to peer at the inner-workings of anything they set their sights on.

The glasses were released at CES in Las Vegas and were co-developed with an augmented reality company called Daqri.

While Intel’s newest product may read similarly to consumer devices such as Hololens and Google Glass, the Daqri Smart Helmet was designed for industrial use. Typical x-ray scanners take up to 30 frames per second. But according to The Guardian, the helmet allows wearers to see through objects using “real-time overlay of information, such as wiring diagrams, schematics and problem areas that need fixing.”

This innovation is a great technological achievement for Intel. For years, the company has been trying to transcend their singular reputation of making computer chips. In 2014, the company launced CES as a follow-up to its previous Perceptual Computing platform.

Now, using RealSense technology equipped with a 360-degree sensor and Intel’s core m7 processor, the final product claims to be the “most powerful AR wearable device” on the market.

“The Daqri Smart Helmet is a great example of integrating advanced human-machine interface into existing devices to make something smart and solve a potential problem,” said Bridget Karlin, managing director of Intel’s internet of things strategy office.

According to, Intel’s smart helmet hopes to help maximize safety and productivity procedures for workers, making it easier for them to solve problems in the workplace. So far, it has undergone testing via a number of Fortune 100 companies across many industries, including gas, oil, and construction. The Intel Smart Helmet is projected to be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2016.

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