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Prince William the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge have released a photo of their eight months old son “Prince George” one week before their official visit to Australia and New Zealand.

It is said that this is the third official release of Prince George’s photos. In this picture, it is shown that Princess Catherine and Prince William are looking out of window along with their son and puppy. The glittering Duchess is holding her Son Prince George over her knees and in this picture the small prince is looking at the Royal Family Pet named as Lupo.

Besides, Prince William, 31 years, appears to be relaxed in a shirt with rolled up sleeves in this picture. On the other hand, Princess Catherine –The Duchess of Cambridge- is wearing white clothes.

This picture was shot by the famous photographer named as Jason Bell and the official tour of this Royal Family is scheduled to be started from 7th April to 25 April. It has not been officially announced that whether the young prince will be allowed to meet with public or not but preparations of this tour are speedily undergoing.


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