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Radio icon Casey Kasem has been spotted in Washington State on Tuesday. Scott Wilson Spokesman for the sheriff’s office told to reporters that “a delegation of sheriff’s deputies went to an address given by California Adult Protective Services to see Kasem”. He further said that authorities had found Kasem and his wife at the residence of their friends. They had visited the longtime friends to enjoy the vacations.

Besides, Wilson said that “deputies had stayed there for 40 minute to check whether Kasem was receiving due medical care or not”. On the other hand, officials of Kitsap County said to media reporters that “due to privacy issues, we are not going to reveal where we found them”.

Apart from this, Kerri Kasem –daughter of Casey Kasem– said in a statement that “we are really thankful to you for finding our dad and we will surely bring him back to home”.

In addition, Danny Deraney – the family representative – said in an interview to a private news channel that “family of Kasem has serious concerns over his medical care and the family is ready to do anything for bringing their father back to home”. It goes without saying that Kerri Kasem said that “we thought our father had been deported to other country because when our attorney made a call to his nursing home of California, he was not there”.

Last but not the least Kasem is suffering from Lewy body disease – a common cause of dementia.




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