Self-Driving Technology Enters GM’s Newest Cadillac Models

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While the prices range, the Cadillac line of cars is always upscale and high-quality machines. They have a reputation for glamour and a Cadillac luxury sports car is a common sight at awards shows and major events.

Used cars are always an option, but buying new is likely possible as well. You just need to look into the dealerships and your financing options. Some places will let you finance on a plan that is better than what the dealership can do. So look into your options before you actually start shopping and you might be surprised at what you can afford.

While many people will claim that self-driving cars are merely a pipe dream, or an impossible technology like something from The Jetsons cartoon, the possibility that “driverless” cars will start taking over the highways is actually becoming real. As the auto industry finally starts returning to its pre-recession health, researchers are finding new avenues in which to explore eco-friendly and consumer-friendly cars; while a great deal of attention has been focused on new hybrid and electric car models, many researchers have been directing their efforts to the futuristic driverless car. General Motors Co., in particular, has recently shared news regarding its autonomous prototype, and it appears that a real model could be released at early as 2017.

GM reports that their Cadillac CTS 2017 models will come equipped with wireless technology that will allow the cars to “talk” with one another and automatically avoid collisions with each other. Another (currently unidentified) Cadillac model, GM states, will come equipped with technology that allows the vehicle to accelerate, brake, and steer itself on the highway.

The news was released at the 2014 Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Detroit in early September, where thousands of researchers met to discuss new technologies that will make autonomous cars a real possibility in the near future. Industry experts note that cars that are both fully autonomous and affordable for the average consumer aren’t expected to enter the auto industry immediately, but that research is expected to continue at a strong pace.

Many Americans are still reeling from the recession of the early 2000s, and considering that the auto industry was hit particularly hard by the economic downturn, it may come as a surprise that the industry has been strong enough to develop autonomous cars. According to Edmunds, however, car sales have been incredibly high, and new car sales alone have accounted for about 29% of all car sales in recent years. When it comes to futuristic Jetsons-esque cars, it appears that consumers and researchers alike are ready to make these cars a reality, sooner rather than later.

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