Should Body Cams Be Mandatory for Police


Police officers have a hard time dealing with 21st-century crimes and unrest. However, mitigations are being put in place to help police deal with insecurity and unrest in the current world. That is why the introduction of body worn cameras for police, body and dash-mounted cameras, or body cameras for law enforcement are becoming very popular. The body worn cameras for police officers ensure that critical events during the arrest of a criminal can be recorded. It does help in the investigations of the criminal case at hand. It shows if the rights of both parties were respected and there was no discrimination during the arrest.

However, there is also a need to properly scrutinize the in-car video recorder’s information for police or law enforcement dash cameras. This is to ensure that there is no distorted information that might negatively affect the case’s outcome. That is why measures have to be put in place to ensure there is a proper use of body cameras for police officers. It does ensure that there is fairness when a police officer is dealing with anybody. There should be no segregation of any kind. It does help in the collaboration of police officers and civilians when it comes to investigations and finding solutions to criminal cases. There is tangible evidence to be followed.

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