The Positive Impacts of Architectural Metal Mesh Fabric

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Architectural metal fabric is an industrial revolution design element widely used for renovating existing structures and breathing distinctive looks on new buildings. Metal fabrics come in various shapes, colors, designs and sizes and offer a limitless application for indoor and outdoor architectural use.

Environment and Sustainability Impact of Metal Fibers
The cable and materials of metal fabrics are typically 60% recycled materials and 40% new materials. Stainless steel, one of the common materials used in metal fabrics contains greater than 60% post-industrial and post-consumer content recycled material. Other types of architectural metals such as aluminum and copper are also sustainable since they are 100% recyclable.

Main Types of Metal Fabric
Metal fabrics are made from different materials under varying production process. Here are the three most common type of architectural mesh.

  • Rigid Fabrics
    Woven in a warp and weft directions, solid wires are braided together for a stiff fabric. Rigid metal fabrics are ideal for cabinetry, partitions and ceilings.
  • Flexible Cable Fabrics
    Flexible cable fabrics feature a precision wire cable and solid wire woven in a warp and weft direction allowing the fabric to be flexible in one direction. This metal fabric is both strong and stable in the length and cross direction respectively.
  • Helix metal fabrics
    Made of flattened round wire with a crimped connected wire, helix metal fabrics are woven in an alternate clockwise and counterclockwise manner.
  • Other types of metal fabrics include metal coil drapery, metal ring mesh, cable metal mesh conveyor belt mesh and aluminum chain curtain.

The type of stainless steel used for making woven metal fabrics and the attachment systems is high-grade. It resists heat, impact and ideal for extreme weather conditions. High-quality metal fabrics can last for decades without losing its beauty and functionality.

Metal Fabric for Solar Management

  • A facade of architectural metal fabric on a new building offers a nice aesthetic appeal and functional power-saving and sun shading.
  • Installing a metal fabric facade help merge the indoor and the outdoor spaces, increasing airflow which is great for work productivity.
  • A mesh fabric facade installed on the outside of a structure helps to regulate light intensities from artificial sources.

Finally, metal mesh requires less maintenance, however, simple dusting and soft cleaning are necessary for interior applications. A high-pressure washing machine should be used to clean metal fabrics used for exterior projects due to stubborn stains.

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