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There’s always plenty to see at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. From the lavish displays put on by the hosting nation to the always tear-jerking sight of the world’s athletes joined in excitement and peace, there’s never a dull moment. Today’s ceremony at Fisht Olympic Stadium will surely be no exception, especially when we tune in for the Parade of Nations, led by Greece and ending with Russia. There’s something thrilling about watching each team of excited competitors enter the stadium together, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love keeping track of their over-the-top outfits?

From what we’ve seen so far, Olympic fashion this year promises to be something to behold. Here’s what you should be looking out for when you tune in tonight.

Germany will be turning heads with their rainbow bright duffle coats and red-orange floral patterned pants and beanies. Some speculation has already begun that the nation’s many-hued outfits are sending a political message. On Twitter, @SportsFlow shared an image of the uniforms’ unveiling, and asked, “Politics already begun at #WinterOlympics? Germany’s #rainbow uniform certainly seems to be sending a msg! #Sochi2014”. Whatever their motives, we’re sure they’ll attract plenty of attention wearing those bright shades.

So far, Russia remains an unknown quantity. We’ve seen a few different uniforms for the host team, though nobody seems to be quite sure which will appear today. One option features subtle black and burgundy velvet blazers with a Russian crest paired with a basic black pant. These classic combinations stand in stark contrast to the other possibility, which prominently features knee-length fur-lined coats atop knit turtlenecks and red pants, set off with knit caps.

If Norway’s men’s curling team uniforms are any indication, we’re in for a treat when the Norwegians enter Fisht Stadium. We haven’t seen their opening ceremony uniforms yet, but the wild red, white, and blue chevron suits revealed for the male Norwegian curlers leave us confident that they’ll be eye-popping.

The U.S. has attracted some attention back home for its somewhat campy Ralph Lauren attire, both positive and negative. As The Los Angeles Times’  Booth Moore noted, every bit of the uniforms is American. “The sweater, for example, started with wool from a sheep farm in Oregon, then went to Pennsylvania to be spun, then to North Carolina to be dyed, and then to California to be sewn by a family-owned factory.” The uniforms, which would cost nearly $2,500 retail, are comprised of somewhat noisy navy knit cardigans, emblazoned with stars, stripes, flags, and the Olympic rings. Cream turtlenecks and pants keep the uniforms from becoming a bit too much, and athletes will don knit caps for warmth.

We’re sure to see plenty more interesting outfits in today’s Parade of Nations, occurring at 12:15 EST, but airing at 8:00 PM EST. Tune in for all the fun and fashion that comes but once every couple of years.

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