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Technology has been expanding on an industrial level ever since the Industrial Revolution. However, with modern-day technology surpassing our wildest imaginations (if only we’d had self-parallel-parking cars this entire time!), the phrase “if you can dream it, you can do it” has never been more accurate.

The beauty of these current innovations lies in a sort of scaling down of that industrial tech, allowing the average, everyday person access to high-grade technology they can use in their average, everyday lives.

Using Big Ideas To Think Small

One example of the distance we’ve come is the creation of a personalized borescope you can use at home. If you work on an industrial floor with gas turbines, you’ll be familiar with this object. Essentially, borescopes are high quality cameras on long, flexible necks that allow you to see inside engines, most notably aeroderivative engines and heavy frame engines. This industrial tool provides an easy way to see an engine or system’s internal workings and is vital in diagnosing problems that are physically inaccessible.

Thanks to DepsTech’s new wireless, WiFi capable borescope, you can do the same thing with mundane items. Is your air conditioner making a wonky noise but you don’t have the tools to dismantle the whole thing? What if you notice one of your vents isn’t allowing air to flow as much as it used to? This handy tool can let you get right in there and see the issue without physically getting in there. It can even connect to your smartphone and provide up to 1600×1200 resolution.

Technology Is Not Just For Ease

While personalized, high-grade technology can be fun to play with and can make your life a whole lot easier, it can also serve life-saving functions. Ryan Howard understood that distinction as he decided to create a watch that could save your life.

After a childhood friend of Howard’s passed away quietly in his sleep one night, Howard decided to design a watch that could monitor your heart rate for any significant, potentially life-threatening changes. Using medical grade technology that is far more advanced and specific than Apple’s smartwatch (in addition to a longer battery life), Howard’s iBeat can identify if you are having a heart attack or stroke and send you a notification on your current state. If you do not respond within 10 seconds, it will call emergency services (and your emergency contact) immediately on your behalf. iBeat is GPS enabled and has cellular services built in, separate from your smartphone, so you never need to worry about a lost connection.

Human innovation has truly exceeded all expectations, and continues to do so. By utilizing industrial, high-grade tech and miniaturizing it for everyday use, the entire population can benefit.

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