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When the Staff of Senate Intelligence Committee was reviewing the information in a secret room of CIA headquarters, they were spied, New York Times and McClatchy reports reveal. Actually, the staff went to CIA Headquarters to probe the illegal detention and interrogation room but the officials of the agency closely monitored their official work.

Inevitably, the complains against CIA’s behavior has been lodged before the CIA Inspector General but so far he has not taken any constructive action.  On the other hand, the chairwoman of Senate Committee Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif said that “The spying activities of CIA have always been subjected to critique and assured that the oversight role of committee will always prevails”.

Besides, Senator Mark Udall, D-Colo wrote a letter to the President with the reference of this surveillance.  He writes in his letter to Obama that “as you know CIA has monitored our official work related to its internal review, is not only troubling our democracy but also creating problems for oversight responsibilities of the committee”. He further adds, it is of paramount importance to let committee do its job under the principles of constitution and separation of powers.

In addition to it, Sen. Ron Wyden has also seconded the demand of Udall and said that I expect transparency from CIA. During a hearing Wyden asked CIA director that whether the abuse act and federal computer fraud applies to it.

Last but not the least, Sen. Martin Heinrich had also blasted against CIA for behaving unfriendly with the staff of the committee and demanded full declassification of the report.

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