Obama: Referendum in Crimea is Unconstitutional and against International Law

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In his recent press briefings, the President of United State Barack Obama said that “We have imposed bans over the Visa processing for the Russian backed opponents operating in the Crimea region and we would continue to punish Russia for invading the Ukraine territory”.

On the other hand, the lawmakers of Crimea region have already announced the referendum to determine whether the territory should be annexed with Russia or not. To this, President of United States says that “for holding a referendum, there should be legitimate government in Ukraine and this move is totally against the Ukraine constitution and International law”.

It goes without saying, the White House has not specifically announced that how many people would be affected from the visa ban and most of the sanctions have not fully implemented. Besides, President has issued an executive order against the people and individuals responsible for destabilizing the Ukraine region.

Besides, President had said in his speech that “I have directed the house to approve a loan for Ukraine for stabilizing its economy and we are trying our best to ensure the world security”. Later, the House had approved the loan of $1 Billion for Ukraine and the bill would move to the senate now.

Apart from this, the speaker of the house John Boehner said that “I am fully supporting the President’s move and would provide everything he needed to address this problem”. Lastly, Obama concluded that “Our allies, friends and international community stand firm on this issue and we are looking forward to solve the issue amicably”.

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