Demand for Short Animated Films goes higher

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The demand for short animated films is speedily growing and it has got tremendous success in the box office business.

Few years back it was not possible for a non academy member to watch an animated movie on the theaters but today the Oscar nominated short film like “Mr. Hublot” can be viewed just over a finger tip. Exactly, this movie is easily accessible to those who know that how to download movies from iTunes and Amazon. On the other hand, Oscar nominated shorts have also gained enough popularity across the country and it is assumed that more than 400 theaters are playing the shorts owing the growing their demand.

Carter Pilcher the president of ShortsHD holds the opinion that “since the 2006 we had a tremendous success in the box office and the demand for our shorts grow with every passing day”. He said that the viewership of shorts was not good before the revolution in the technology but since the latest technology made easy access for people to see online movies, we had 800 percent increase to our content.

Undoubtedly, since the redefinition by Pixar, the shorts are considered to be best animated movies in the world. Pilcher recalled his past and said that “It was the Tin Toy short of 1988 that brought revolutionary change in the animated film industry and it was the creativity of scientists and engineers”.

Besides, Shurer says that “the risks in shorts are bearable and the stakes are quite lower”. Hence, investing in a short movie is undoubtedly a beginning of a great success.


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