Obama launches “My Brother’s Keeper”

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We are here to provide you the path.  Government, Private Sector, Philanthropy and community leaders will equally help you to provide you the tool. But to mark a remarkable success, you have to emerge as responsible citizen and family member.

The President of United States Barack Obama has announced a new initiative to help young minority men of the country. He said on Thursday “If you make an effort, you will surely meet with the challenge”.  He described the newly launched initiative is highly related to his personal life. And, he disclosed everything about his father, drugs and race.

In his speech, he recalled the agonies and painful moments of his life. He motivated all young men of minority and urged them not to quit from fighting with the challenges of life. He said, I was blessed with many noble people who did not only ask me to bring change in my life but also motivated me for hard work and study.  These people were pushing me again and again for doing something in my life and they did not give up on me.

Furthermore the President said, no matter who you are and where have you come from, if you are dedicated, responsible and hard working, you would surely make in this country because America stands for everything.

Besides, he said “helping the downtrodden of minority is meant to offer them opportunity and this is not only economic issue but also a moral issue”.

Last but not the least he was of the opinion that in the 21st century, in our country, the most dilapidated condition is of those young men who have the color differences.  He complained that we do not take this issue seriously and consider it a part of American culture.


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