How New Tech Led to Laser Weight Loss Services

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Many people want to get rid of unwanted body fat and tone up their physique. SculpSure is an entirely new revolutionary machine that melts away 24 % of all stubborn extra body fat, especially around abdomen flanks. Here is how it works.
Dr. Kiam Karimi, a plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, explains that SculpSure uses high-frequency laser diode waves.

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So, these therapeutic waves generate heat which is then delivered to the body. With the help of the lymphatic system, this laser technology therapy eliminates all the body’s fat cells.
Once the treatment starts, SculpSure targets the fat destruction zones. During this process, some patients may feel like this laser weight loss service would just suck out their belly fat. However, the truth is, it works by generating a warm, tingly, and comfortable sensation that makes patients feel warm and pleasant.
SculpSure has created an FDA-approved and clinically proven machine. It delivers targeted energy to specific body areas such as the belly, back, thighs, and love handles to achieve rapid, safe, and effective results. Unlike other methods, it melts body fat in months after two to three treatment regimes.

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