How To Use Commands On Your Minecraft Server

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When you first start playing Minecraft, you’ll notice a small taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Initially, you won’t understand how to access that bar, or even know what it’s for. The interesting thing about this though is that this introduces a huge educational moment for kids and adults alike, as you introduce yourself to the Minecraft dedicated server commands.

This is one of the server resources you can find in the game that is built into the primary functions of the game.

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The best way to describe it is that it’s like submitting a report to your boss, you being the employee and the Minecraft server hosting companies being your boss. When you type these commands into the game, this will allow you to perform certain actions, like figure out your compass orientation on the map, your physical coordinates in the game, and so on and so forth.

Why this is educational though is that in order to send these commands, you have to type it out in HTML, which is the precursor to coding. So any parent that says Minecraft isn’t educational is wrong in a way. Is it a fun game? Yes, and it also finds a way to incorporate a skill that the player can use well into the future.

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