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In this video, you will learn about online admission software for higher education. Enrollme is a program that is used for online enrollment. It allows you to see all of the applications for that upcoming school year.

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When you click on one of the applications, it loads into the workflow page which allows you to see any notes that were left on the application, the status updates, and more. You can also see payment info whether that be registration fee or application fees. Programs like this one are usually custom-built, and a team of technicians will integrate your needs into the software. You can collect everything from basic information to payment information. Payment information can be made to be secure. There is also ways to add documents like immunization records, government ID’s, and more. This new online method makes it easier to keep track of data and information. It also makes data sharing easier because you can give limited access to people. You can allow specific people in your organization to access documents and certain pages. Other institutions can use this program as well, to send you transcripts for the prospect student. Rather than email or using the traditional mail system.

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