New Bill for Restoration of Unemployment Benefits

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Harry Reid the senate majority leader is going to bring a new bill assuring more benefits to unemployed workers of United States. A close aide of Harry says that “the new bill will reauthorize compensation till six months and it is supposed to be offset”. Furthermore, the aide says “we are trying our best to get this task done and we are trying to seek full support from Republicans”.

On the other hand, a big majority of Republicans says that “The new legislation will be endorsed if it is offset in the way they intend to”.  Although, the Republicans had already demanded for a new rule banning people from multiple compensations under the social security insurance and the benefits which are enjoyed  by the millionaires .

The aide of Reid says “Harry is going to allow Republicans to bring 4 amendments in the new draft and it is unclear that whether the bill will require 50 or 60 votes to make it a law”. It must not be forgotten that if the senate approves the bill then it has to be passed from the House of Representatives which is another milestone”.

It has been long held struggle of Harry to bring some revolutionary reforms for the benefit of middle class Americans and he says “this bill would not bring massive changes in our system but it is the first step of success”.

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