The Technology Used to Make Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops have become increasingly popular in recent years. Why? Because they are made of durable materials that withstand the tests of time. A feature most homeowners are looking for. If you want to know how granite countertops are made, read further.

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Getting The Granite

The first step in making granite countertops is getting the granite itself. Most granite countertop-making companies would often buy lands that have granite in them. Harvest each granite slab that is then taken to the factor for cutting.

Cutting Granite Slabs

Once granite arrives in the factory, they go through different applications and processes to achieve the client’s needs. Using various software, cutting methods, and technology, they cut granite slabs according to what they need to provide to their clients. They are cut through water or laser-jet technology to achieve maximum precision.

Fabricating Granite Countertop

Once the slab is cut off, the next step is performing intricate details needed for the granite countertop. Everything is done during this phase, from polishing the surface, cutting excess parts, and sanding the entire countertop for a smooth surface.

Countertop Completion

The final step is finishing, designing, and inserting the granite into a concrete or wooden countertop. Mostly, these granites are installed when a house is currently built. However, they can be made from the ground up, and all homeowners have to do is put them where they should be. Finished slabs are either sent to a distributor or a home.


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