Uber Partners With Getaround, Spearheading Impressive Progress In Transportation Sector

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Very different from the constant publicity Uber was receiving last year, their new CEO can’t stop making moves in a much better direction. We already know that they’ve acquired bike sharing app JUMP for $200 million with the goal of taking their service beyond simply ride sharing and ride-hailing. Now they’re partnering with a car-booking service called Getaround. This app, which debuted in 2011, allows people to rent out their personal vehicles out to anyone (with obvious background requirements) who has the app in their city.

Uber, tapping into their massive user base and using Getaround’s existing cars and users, will provide a service in their own app called Uber Rent. Which, as you might’ve guessed, will allow current Uber users to seamlessly rent cars in the Getaround system. It’s been forecasted that approximately 107 million vehicles will be manufactured around the world in 2020 and you better believe that Uber will have a good deal of them available for use in their ever-growing fleet.

They’ve even started talking with mobile ticketing platform Masabi with the goal of allowing Uber users to buy, access, and use mobile tickets for an array of public transportation services through the Uber app. Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says, “Whether you’re using mass transit for your morning commute, taking an e-bike for a mid-day meeting, using Pool to take a ride home or renting a car for the weekend, we want Uber to be there with you and we want to partner with cities to be part of our solution moving forward.”

Truly turning a new leaf, a company that’s had a troubled past is making leaps and bounds to mend it by approaching their mission collaboratively. Watching them raise alliances on the transportation front brings a strengthened view of how technology can be a driving force for good when piloted by the right people heading in the right direction. In fact, this collaboration will be telling when applied to the clandestine nature of autonomous vehicle fleets that still seem to be closely kept secrets that Silicon Valley holds in highest regard. Perhaps they’ll begin to see that more progress can be made in working with one another than against, but this is the world of technology.

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