What Does a Software Consultant Do?

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Contrary to popular belief, software consultants are not just freelancers. Watch this video to understand what software consulting entails.

As a software consultant, Rick Hernandez explains that he not only writes code but also reaches out to businesses to see what challenges they may be experiencing and how he can assist them in resolving their issues.

Software consulting does not involve the creation of websites, HTML, CSS, or PHP code but rather developing software that produces real business outcomes. Rick states that he goes ahead to discuss do-or-die software issues with the company’s business owner, CEO, CTO, and CFO.

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Typically, he provides solutions for them and then hires his entire team to implement those ideas. Occasionally, he provides these organizations with a report detailing the potential remedies and the resources his teams will need to tackle the issue.

A construction software consultant attempts to comprehend how a business’s money flows from one location to another, how much money is assigned to a project, and how long that project will last.

Software consultants develop, deploy, and ship software for their clients.

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