Everything to Know About Managing a Trade Show Booth

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So, you are tasked to plan or organize a trade show booth for your company. And with that, you were only given a limited budget and stick to a small booth size. The question is, how are you going to make the booth display stand out among other trade show booths in the area?

Representing a company at a trade show can be a big investment. It’s an opportunity to gain visibility, showcase a brand, and have professional connections. You are going to need trade show materials such as printing paper, poster printing, and preparing custom business cards.

So if you are planning to attend an event with your trade show booth, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn some tips for making your show successful.

1. Identify Your Target

Before sending out invites, you first need to establish your goals to have a trade show presence. You need to know if you are just making an impression on your current customer or looking for new ones. Are you establishing your brand, building brand awareness in the new area, or perhaps promoting the product you just launched? Your answers to these questions will know your choice in planning a trade show.

2. Establish a Relationship with the Organizer

Having a contact, you consult for guidance and advice about everything at a trade show is very effective. The event contact is very excellent and would be your responsive resource. So, even if things got so stressful, having contact with the event organizer would be helpful.

3. Keep the Signage Simple

While it’s true that you want our booth displays and signage to be inviting and interesting, keeping it simple leaves a good impression with some few words as possible. Think of your booth from the perspective of a passerby or someone unaware of the products you are offering. You will not likely attract people with your wordy signage. That’s why keep it simple because less is more.

4. Make an Impressive Entrance

Once you’ve set goals for the trade show, you must start implementing them immediately. There are also a lot of tools available even before you hit the trade show event. Try purchasing a pre-show registration list and connecting with trade show attendees via postcards, emails, and social media before the show starts or even ends.

5. Come Up with a Good Atmosphere

Not getting attention from the attendees is one of the challenges that trade show booths face. However, you may create a space where you want to stay and stop. Perhaps you can offer real food items like coffee, appetizers, and custom cocktails. Not only will it get people’s attention, but it could also create a relaxed social atmosphere, which is perfect for starting conversations about your product or services.

6. Have a Process of Lead Retrieval

It’s not a secret that trade shows may be for sales leads, so you have to be sure to come up with the lead retrieval process. It’s recommended to rent portable scanners, usually offered through organizing an event. However, if you’re expecting traffic, perhaps you can rent another scanner to prevent the panic of your staff using only one device. And when the show is over, make sure you upload the contacts into the CRM system and mark their leads from the show.

7. Engage People through Activities

Give people a remarkable experience with your tradeshow booth. Set up a meeting area and have an interactive exercise related to your brand. It’s a big opportunity to be creative and engages memorably. Perhaps you can have Virtual Reality as it is a popular booth option. Instead of having a complex and costly display, VR will show the attendees a display that will expand the small booth into infinity.

8. Choose the Right Booth Staff

Assign staff to your booth that is outgoing, knowledgeable, and articulate enough about your product. Make sure to provide training and talking points. They should be motivated and very attentive. Best of all, they must engage with prospective clients immediately and continue chatting with them. Of course, ensure that your booth staff are experts in the products.

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