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As of July 2020, approximately 59% of the global population are active Internet users. The Internet offers a vast array of activities you can do online. Users can gather information, communicate with people around the world, and find great sources of entertainment. New ideas are posted daily, just waiting to be discovered. Here are tips on what you can do online.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

If you think you’re paying too much for car insurance, you can look for another auto insurance group online. There are many comparison websites where you can compare rates from companies in your state side by side. By doing your research, you could save thousands of dollars. You can also check out your state insurance commission’s website to find reputable companies. This website will also give you information on the company’s track record for claim payments.

You may also want to check out websites such as the Better Business Bureau to discover any complaints filed from previous customers. When comparing rates, make sure to analyze the coverage offered. A cheaper rate could end up costing you more later if you get in an accident. There also may be items you don’t need. For example, Personal Injury Protection may not be necessary if you have good health insurance or you may want to skip collision insurance if you have an older car.

Find Medical Care

The Internet is an excellent place to find the health care services you need. There is information for what you can do online to take better care of your health. You can also schedule telehealth services to consult with a doctor about any medical conditions you have. Use the Internet to find a primary physician, research health care plans, or find a caregiver for your elderly loved ones. You can research the latest medical treatments and discover tips to help you manage chronic conditions.

Go Shopping

Shopping is another huge option for what you can do online. There are numerous fashion websites you can check out that feature all the hottest trends. You can buy accessories online to go with the outfits you already have at home. There are a multitude of things you can buy to upgrade your home and lifestyle, without ever having to leave your house. You can even buy a car or a house online.

The Internet also offers coupons you can use in stores to get great deals. You can print out the coupons on your computer or show them to the cashier using your cell phone. There are also comparison websites where you can find out what stores are selling your favorite items cheaper. If you find things you like but don’t have the money currently to pay for them, you can create a wish list you can save for future reference.

Find Out What Your Stuff is Worth

One of the best things for what you can do online is find out how much your stuff is worth. Auction sites like eBay are great places to find out how much people are willing to pay for your treasures. You can even check out pawn shops virtually to find out the highest prices paid for gold and diamonds. There are websites where you can sell your items online and ship them to the buyer. If you need cash quickly, this is a great option for getting the money you need.

Get Legal Advice

If you need legal advice, what you can do online is research a family law attorney and gather information from law websites. This can be useful if you’re going through a divorce or have a child support issue you need to address. You can use the Internet to consult with a lawyer online from the comfort of your couch. This free legal advice can also be helpful if you’re buying a home, starting a business, filing taxes, or planning for retirement.

You can also use the Internet to acquire legal documents for free you can file with the courts. This can save you thousands on attorney fees. You can also have a lawyer review documents before you file to make sure all your bases are covered. Information is also available for government organizations that you can use for a variety of legal situations.

Acquire Business Insurance

If you want to start your own business, you may want to consider acquiring business insurance. You can research the coverage options available and figure out what your business might need. The Internet can be helpful for finding ideal insurance brokers to discuss your business needs. You can schedule a consultation to get business advice and find a broker you feel comfortable with.

Your business may need a variety of different insurance options, depending on your situation. The most common options include general liability insurance, business income protection, commercial property damage insurance, and workers compensation. You may also want to consider business auto insurance and health insurance for your employees. When running a business, it’s important to have the right protections in place to prevent lawsuits or other legal issues from affecting you personally.

Order Food

If you’re hungry, there’s no need to leave your house. What you can do online is search for local restaurants that deliver. You can find a breakfast restaurant for some fresh eggs and coffee or get dinner after a long day of work. With the Internet, you can have your weekly groceries delivered to your home. You can even find prepackaged meal delivery services for great family dinner options you can easily prepare in less than 30 minutes.

There are some rules of etiquette and tips and tricks you should be aware of to have a great experience ordering food online. Make sure you make an effort to put some clothes on before the delivery person arrives and give a generous tip. Fried food and pasta may not hold up well if the delivery driver has to travel a long distance. If you’re getting ready to leave work, order food online so it’s ready to be delivered by the time you get home. Make sure to leave clear delivery instructions so the driver can find your house easily or not wake up sleeping children.

Repair Your Roof

Getting your roof repaired is another useful thing you can do online. Issues with your roof shouldn’t be delayed. You could save thousands of dollars in damage by addressing problems early. You can find residential roofing services to perform an inspection at your home and provide an estimate for the cost of repairs. You can also find out how much you can expect to pay for various services by doing some research online.

Many roofing contractors are offering online consultations because of the pandemic. You can use the Internet to show potential contractors pictures of the damages and ask questions. Research the background of any contractors and make sure they’re licensed and insured. Roofing materials can also be purchased online and delivered directly to your home.

Schedule an Environmental Home Inspection

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, what you can do online is research residential environmental services to schedule an inspection. These services can be used to test your home for asbestos, mold, lead, and indoor quality issues. This can help you protect your real estate investments and save you thousands in potential repairs in the future.

Play Online Games

If you’re bored, what you can do online is find games that interest you. Try your hand at a virtual shooting range, build a simulated city, or interact with others in a virtual world environment. There are games you can play in live chats with your friends and compete against each other in real time. There are educational games that can teach your children valuable skills such as language skills, math, and coding. You can find educational games to improve your typing skills, learn trivia, and simulate running a business. If you are interested in online gaming, there’s bound to be a game for you.

Make Extra Cash

When you need extra cash, searching for what you can do online for income is an excellent idea. There are many opportunities available online. Use the skills you already have and use them to your advantage. You can sell products, teach courses, monetize a podcast, or sell a service. You may even make enough money to quit your day job and spend your time pursuing your passions at home.

Visit Zoos Virtually

Many wildlife centers and zoos offer a virtual look at their resident animals. This is a fun thing to do to entertain the kids when you’re looking for what to do online on a rainy day. Den cameras give you a live close-up look at the daily life of some of your favorite animals. Your children can learn about a wide range of animals and see how they are cared for.

Get a Workout

During the pandemic, it can be hard to get a good workout in with all the gyms and fitness centers closed. To keep physically fit, what you can do online is find fitness apps and workout videos to exercise at home. Some fitness centers are offering live classes. You can use basic equipment or exercise with no equipment at all. Many of these workout options offer free trials that you can cancel anytime.

Binge Watch Educational Content

There is an abundance of educational content you can binge-watch if you’re looking for what you can do online. You can boost your knowledge of science, literature, history, and philosophy through free and paid university courses and podcasts. Even Netflix has educational documentaries you can watch to increase your life skills and learn something new. You can check out one of the thousands of ebooks and audiobooks through free book lending services to help you get smarter.

Brush Up Your Culinary Skills

Since the pandemic began, you’ve probably spent more time at home cooking. If you want to improve your skills, there are a number of options in what you can do online to whip up delicious meals. There are online cooking and baking classes you can enroll in that feature videos guiding you step-by-step. You can become a master chef in no time.

Travel the World With Google Street View

If you’re looking for what to do online that will keep you entertained for hours, try traveling the world with Google Street View. You can plan your next vacation or take virtual tours of famous vacations. There are mashups using Google Street View that are worth checking out. You can use Google Street View to run away from zombies in your own neighborhood or drive a sports car along any route you choose. You can even read live tweets about any location on the map.

Organize Your Life

While you’re looking for what to do online, you could spend that time getting organized. You probably have pictures and computer files you’ve been meaning to sort or emails you need to answer. The Internet can also be used to look into your investments and get your finances in order. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to set up your bills for online bill payment. You can also read personal finance blogs to help you learn how to manage money and save for retirement.

Share Your Thoughts

One of the many things for what you can do online that you may want to try is to create a blog or online journal. This allows you to share your thoughts with the world and get involved in meaningful conversations with people all over the world. If you like to teach or have something useful to share you can create your own website or social media group. Blogging gives you instant feedback and you can earn extra money by doing it.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do online. The Internet can enrich your life by connecting you to the information and resources to better your life and relationships with others. Use these tips as a starting point to discover everything the virtual world has to offer. Try out the things that intrigue you and use the Internet to discover more interesting things you can do online today.

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