Amazon and Google bash FCC’s Internet fast lane plan

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Biggest companies of internet express disapproval over the government proposal to create Fast Lane for internet access. Dozens of companies- including Google, Netflix, Amazon, Face Book, Microsoft, and Twitter sent a letter asking Federal Communications Commission to rebuff open Internet proposal of FCC chairman Tom Wheeler.

It is said that the proposal has granted Internet service providers the right to charge additional fees from online content companies for priority access to customers. The companies wrote in the letter that “the proposal of Wheeler is a big threat to the internet”.  The companies say that “Selective handling of FCC is going to affect the biggest companies of the internet; this is discrimination to pay for the priority customers”.

Actually, the Wheeler’s proposal is giving internet service providers the privilege to charge money from EBay, Netflix and Amazon for speedy content loading services.  It is said that the commission is going to vote on the proposed rules before making it public.

Besides, one of the five FCC commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel said that “the commission is deliberately delaying the voting due to public response”. She said that we have received hundreds of calls and thousands of emails, however, we are thinking to delay the process for at least one month  because we respect this input and we need time to conclude the decision.


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