Climate change report says U.S. is getting warmer, urges action

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Throughout the country, people of United States are already facing the impacts of global warming. But, National Climate Assessment report claims that “we can reduce the degree of risks if we speed up our collective efforts”.

It goes without saying that this report has been developed with the help of thousands of scientists. It is said that environmental future of United State is in danger. Experts hold the opinion that “this is the right time to take some measures otherwise we will be having no options except to face the repercussions”.

Besides, White House counselor and the close aide of the president John Podesta said to media reporters that “People of United States have to be mentally ready to limit the damages and the president is also going to launch awareness campaigns”. He further said that this document has a huge amount of knowledge, if properly used by community leaders and decision makers, it will be easy for us to combat against the climate change”.

Apart from this, the assessment report claims that last decade was supposed to be warmer than the previous decades and there had been enormous changes in the nature’s behavior. The shift in the pattern of seasons is really threatening for the Americans. Hence, it is time to take action now.

Last but not the least  John Podesta said that Obama administration is trying its best to lessen the carbon emission and so far we have reduced 17 percent greenhouse gases from the environment.


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