Cosmetic Caper: Police on the Lookout For Rogaine and Crest Whitening Strip Thief

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Woman Teeth Before and After Whitening. Oral CareIt’s no secret that having a great smile is important. Across the nation, almost every orthodontist (88.8%) has had patients who’ve requested teeth whitening treatment. Research also shows that 99.7% of adults have said a great smile is an important social asset, that 29% of Americans have said teeth are one of the first facial features they notice when meeting someone, that 58% of Americans have said those with straight teeth are more likely to be successful, 38% of Americans have said those with straight teeth are perceived as smart, and 73% of Americans were more likely to trust someone with straight teeth.

Having a great smile is so important, in fact, that it may have led one man to knock over not one, but two stores.

Police are looking for a thief with a bright white smile, and a fuller head of hair. Back in August, a man dressed in sneakers, blue jeans, and a black and white polo grabbed two shopping baskets as he entered a San Pedro Target, video surveillance showed. Less than five minutes later, he’s seen sprinting through the store’s exits, his baskets full of Crest whitening strips.

His hygienic heist didn’t stop there, though. He then went to a CVS Pharmacy within just an hour of ripping Target off, again grabbing two baskets. He was then seen running out of the CVS, this time with his baskets full of Rogaine.

So far, he has not been caught. Police are hoping that the surveillance video could jog the memory of someone familiar with the theft, and offer some clues, leads, or insight into the cosmetic caper.

Anyone with any information relating to the case was asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department.

Oddly enough, this thief isn’t the only one to ever steal teeth whitening strips. This past April, the Tinley Junction reported that 47-year-old Immacolata Sage stole more than $50 worth of Crest whitening strips. Even crazier, reported last year that a robber stole $600 worth of teeth whitening strips.

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