Could Your Air Conditioning System Be Making You Sick?

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Every home needs proper air circulation to make life better. Installing an air conditioning system is important to achieve this objective. You need to consult a residential air conditioning service to find and install the right system in your home. Proper air circulation is an avenue to keeping your family safe and your home hospitable. Before installing the system, you need information and proper guidance to meet your expectations.

You should, however, understand that there are several AC and heat solutions in the market. Getting proper guidance, therefore, becomes vital. It will be easier to choose and install the right system in your home after learning the AC and gas furnace packages available on the market. Making the right choice of air conditioner goes a long way into making your home functional and healthy.

It is crucial to research the types and models of air conditioners you can consider for your home. Most people consider the above window air conditioner to allow for effective air circulation. It is crucial to seek guidance to avoid confusion and choose the best system for your home. Working with an AC and heating installation service becomes paramount as you get proper guidance. Ensure you explore the companies near you to settle for the best service and install the right system in your home.

People all across the country are gearing up for another hot summer — and to help stay comfortable in sky-high temperatures, many of us are going to be relying on our air conditioners. In fact, air conditioning is the No. 1 protective factor against heat-related illness and death, the Centers for Disease Control reports.

But what if these same air conditioners are making us sick while keeping us cool?

According to a recent KCTV report, health experts are warning people everywhere to watch out for the health risks of using an air conditioning unit that hasn’t been properly inspected.

This is because air conditioners, despite their seemingly-innocent appearances, can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and mold. Moisture easily accumulates in the unit’s coils and fan blades, creating the perfect environment for these bacteria and spores to thrive. If left unchecked, air conditioners will blow air filled with mold and fungus spores into a home.

It doesn’t just sound gross — mold and fungus spores are highly dangerous to humans when inhaled. These spores and bacteria have been linked to a number of breathing problems such as Legionnaire’s disease, and can even bring the onset of fatal infectious pneumonia.

Air conditioners can also make you more prone to something called sick building syndrome, a condition characterized by dizziness, dry throat, itchy eyes and nausea.

So how can you minimize the health risks associated with air conditioning in your own home?

First, every homeowner should make it a priority to regularly change out the air filters in their air conditioning systems. Ideally, these air filters should be changed once every 90 days, and even more frequently during peak usage times. Not only will this keep the air within your home clean and contaminant free; it will also reduce the amount of repairs and maintenance you’ll need to perform on your air conditioner.

So before putting your air conditioner on full blast this summer, take a moment to make sure it’s in good working condition. Your health depends on it!

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