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Dozens of new photos from the death probe of Kurt Cobain have been released. The Seattle Police Department said that we were going to release 35 new pictures – not seen before- of the rock legend of Nirvana band, Kurt Cobain who had died in 1994.

It is said that these photographs had been shot by the investigation officers of SPD almost 20 years ago.  The Seattle Police Department has announced that “we have developed a movie of this rock star’s death and we will use it for re-examining the investigation”.

The officials of SPD hold the opinion that “It can be determined from the gathered evidences that it was a suicide attempt and Kurt had also left a suicide note on a top of the planter.” On the other hand, a couple of pictures depict that Cobain was heroin abuser and police had also shot the pictures of his heroin kit. He was instilling heroin in his body with syringes and all the evidences clearly indicate that he was sheer abuser of smoking, heroin and some other drugs.

HeroinDeath Note

Death Note

Apart from this, it is shown in the newly released pictures that detectives and investigation officers were probing the death scene thoughtfully. Furthermore, Mike Ciesynski veteran homicide detective holds the opinion after reviewing the Cobain’s case that “Though there were conspiracy theories that Kurt was murdered yet we confirm you it was suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound”.

Contrary to this, former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Grant said that “SPD had not thoroughly investigated the case and it was rushed judgment that Kurt committed suicide”.  He demanded that re-investigation of this case should be initiated otherwise it will remain a big question mark on the part of SPD.


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