Fire Resistant Mattress Stopped Blaze in Washington Warehouse

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A fire-barrier on a Jones Nonwovens mattress is credited with preventing a warehouse from being burned to the ground. After several days of employees complaining of a burning smell, a sales associate discovered one of the warehouse’s heaters had been causing a mattress to smolder for nearly two days.

Loepp Furniture stores their mattresses in an old downtown warehouse with heaters that are built directly into the walls. A burned plastic smell began to flood through the warehouse, initially being blamed on either a wiring or lighting problem.

However, when a sales associate removed a bed to check the label, he was met with melted plastic cover and singed mattress. It was only thanks to the mattress’ fire-resistant thermally bonded barriers that the whole warehouse did not end up getting burned to the ground. This would’ve cost owner Kevin Portch a large sum of money, not only from the warehouse being lost but the inventory inside the warehouse falling to the fire as well. A typical mattress can last around seven years, but if the fire had spread, all of those mattresses would have been destroyed.

Many mattresses in the modern age are investing in fire-resistant technology. Even memory foam mattress toppers are made with material that makes them resistant to fire. This is not only safe for families in the event of a house fire, but, as clearly shown, it is a benefit to employees and owners of furniture businesses as well. The use of this technology continues to prove itself the more it’s being used. And people like Kevin Portch can rest easy, knowing the mattresses they wish to sell are kept safe thanks to fire-resistant material.

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