Fitbit Hopes To ‘Surge’ Ahead of the Competition With New Updates

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Portrait of tired fitness young woman outdoors in the city catching breatheThe Fitbit is already one of the hottest items of wearable tech that the average American consumer can purchase at a (somewhat) reasonable price, and the company recently announced that its fitness watch is getting a new set of updates on top of it all.

According to recent reports from Tech Times and, the Fitbit Surge has begun to roll out updates which include detailed alerts during workout sessions and a longer battery life.

The updates are reportedly Fitbit’s attempt to keep its large consumer audience — which is no easy feat considering that Garmin and Polar have both released wearable tech watches similar to the Fitbit.

As of Sept. 23, the Fitbit Surge hit store shelves with the new updates and with a price tag of $250.

The new updates include measurements of your steps, distance, calories burned, and time spent sleeping. The Surge’s heart-rate sensor and GPS allow the watch to measure speed when you’re running or cycling as well.

The new Run Cues feature will allow you to receive automatic alerts at certain times during a workout session; before you start running, you simply decide whether or not you’d like to receive these alerts, and then whether these alerts should be based on time spent exercising or distance traveled.

In addition to these exercise-focused features, the Surge will also have a screen and control button where you can receive text messages and calls from your iPhone or Android smartphone, see display messages from the Surge, or listen to music.

To make this all possible, the Surge also received a boost in battery life. Previously, the watch had a battery life of approximately five hours if the GPS and heart-rate sensor were both enabled; with the new update, this battery life will extend to 10 hours.

Fitbit has been on the fast track to success within the past couple of years, and it even opened up 52% of its initial public offering (IPO) in order to raise funds for company growth. At the moment, according to Seeking Alpha Fitbit is estimated to be worth around $8.6 billion as of Sept. 2015.

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