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Though they already hold 67.6% of U.S. search engine market shares (and the crown for top PPC experts), Google is always looking to expand their empire. A recent posting on the Google Careers portal has revealed that they’re looking for an SEO manager. The listing says:

“As a Program Manager for Technical SEO, you will work with cross-functional teams across Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Engineering and more to help drive organic traffic and business growth. You will take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene and define web architecture for international websites.”

Google is always looking to expand their empire.
Google is always looking to expand their empire.

For the SEO novice, in this position, you would be helping Google to better Google themselves, or something like that. (Not really. Search engine optimization is basically a way to help boost your visibility in the results of a search engine turnout.) It seems a little redundant that Google would need help gaining Google search clout, especially considering that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Gizmodo agreed, commenting:

“Google controls the largest search engine in the world, so it’s kind of strange to think it needs to hire someone to improve the Google rankings of its pages. It’s also probably comforting to the SEO heads out there that even Google needs special help to figure out how to navigate its convoluted search engine.”

With the praise they’re receiving this week for their recently aired ad featuring support for transgender people, Google might find this call for help being lost in the sea of viral clicks — SEO/PPC irony at its finest. Google declined to comment on the new job posting, saying they don’t reveal insight into their hiring procedures.

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