Handcuffed captain defends delay in evacuating sinking South Korean ferry

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The South Korean Captain defended his stance before the media for delaying the evacuation of sinking ferry. Actually, he  has been arrested for leaving the people in the lurch and put the life 300 people in the jeopardy. South Korean Coast Guard has confirmed to media that 29 dead bodies have been recovered by the divers and more than 270 people are still missing.

Besides, Koh Myung Seok the official of coast guard said that we have planned 40 more dives on Saturday to rescue more people and we are trying our best to save lives of our fellow citizens.

On the other hand, State media reported that “Lee has been charged for not seeking assistance from other ships and he was not operating the steering when the ferry was sinking”.  It further said that if Lee is convicted, he may be punished for 5 years to life imprisonment in jail.  In addition, prosecutor Lee Bong-chang said that “Lee had made a quick turn which forced the ferry to sink in the rough waters”.

Sinking ShipApart from this, state prosecutor Jae-Eok Park said to the media that “it has been confirmed in the initial investigation that when the Sewol ship was sinking, Lee was not in the steering room”. On the contrary, Lee told to media reporters that “I said to the passengers not to jump in the water because the temperature of water was too cold and they were requested to wait until rescue boats did not come”.

Last but not the least, the captain said to the people that I accept the charges of this accident and bow before the people and grieved families.

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