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With all the stress about coronavirus putting the world on hold, it can seem impossible to think about planning a wedding. After all, you’re more concerned about finding a roll of toilet paper than booking the right venue. But if your wedding is on the horizon, this might be a great opportunity to put your extra free time to good use.

The government has requested that we partake in “social distancing” so many of us have ample free time after work — if your job has been deemed nonessential, you might have even more time than the average bear. While these relaxing evenings might have been fun at first, most of us have started to knock our heads against the wall with boredom. Thanks to all this free time, now is the perfect opportunity to dive deep into planning the ideal wedding for you and your betrothed.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go out and taste cakes, visit your venue, or scope out the perfect items for your registry. Luckily, there are plenty of ways technology has streamlined the wedding planning process. Many sites and venues even offer bad credit financing if you’re struggling with your income during this difficult time.

If you’re looking for online wedding help, the web has certainly got you covered. Everything from picking the best venue to making wedding invitations can be done with a simple click of a button.

Technology has truly become the best form of online wedding help. Here are some of the many reasons technology — and the web — have become essential for the wedding planning process.

Venue comparisons

Everyone dreams of visiting their perfect wedding venue: touring a castle or scoping out the ideal lakeside lodge is just part of the wedding planning process. But while we’re stuck under lockdown, comparing wedding venues online has become the best way to find the best spot at a price that works for you.

Many event spaces will provide ample pictures for wedding planners to rely on if they can’t go in person. As someone trying to find the best location for their wedding, browsing these pictures are essential. Most of the time, the event space will also give you dimensions for each room. This will help guarantee that you have enough space for your guests, tables, catering, and more. These venues should also list basic information regarding the property, including whether or not they have restrooms on site, heating and air conditioning services, and bar. These small details are essential when it comes to comparing wedding venues and making your final decision.

The best way to organize your venue options is by crafting a spreadsheet. List all of your potential venues and create must-have categories for each option, including price, amenities, size, and whatever else speaks to you as a wedding planner. Some sites that offer online wedding help can even do this step for you if you’re willing to shell out for a premium service.

Keep in mind that some services are inherent in most properties. You can assume that each venue will rely on best value tree services to keep their lawns and outdoor areas looking nice for guests. You can also assume that each venue has parking and a point of contact to rely on should you have any questions. These aspects of the venue don’t have to be included on your spreadsheet like the presence of air conditioning or access to an emergency care station might be (after all, many lakeside lodges offer the bare minimum for amenities).

Once you have the basics down, you can start listing the pros and cons for each venue. This might include practical items, like whether or not the venue has an all-inclusive wedding package. But it might also include small touches about the appearance of the event space. For example, the presence of custom french doors can be a nice touch for wedding photos while a fireplace might be ideal for winter weddings. Each option will have a range of pros and cons so it’s important to note these options when you’re making your final decision, especially since you might not be able to visit the property before booking.

Crafting wedding invitations and decor

Creating wedding invitations has never been cheap, but online wedding help options have made it easier than ever to get a beautiful wedding invitation at a reasonable price. Thanks to stationary sites and wedding planning sites with custom packages, you can ensure that your wedding invitations are unique to your special day.

In some cases, you might even opt for e-vites, an eco-friendly wedding invitation that simply sends to your guests’ email addresses. Regardless of which option you choose, you can rely on these third-party sources to craft beautiful messages for your guests.

The first step is choosing gorgeous calligraphy that’s easy to read. After all, elderly loved ones need to be able to see all the important information on your invitation with ease. While choosing a curly, scripted font is beautiful in theory, it might cause confusion among your guests. Luckily, online wedding help options can enable you to test a variety of fonts and calligraphy styles before choosing the best one. Once you’re ready, all you need to do is upload a list of your guests’ names and the invitation service can do the rest!

Your decor is another important aspect of your wedding. In some cases, you may want your invitations to match the decor and theme of your wedding. Be sure to take this into consideration before choosing your wedding invitations! Online wedding help tips will tell you to settle on a color scheme that works for you and try to thread these colors throughout your decor for a cohesive look.

The decor can range from beautiful centerpieces from the best florist to the signs that welcome your guests inside. Many folks planning their wedding don’t realize how important signs can be. After all, these helpful pieces help direct your guests in the right direction and offer important information. A sign at the start of the driveway can notify guests that they are in the right place. When they approach the venue, another sign will tell them to grab a nametag or seat placement. Yet another sign can relay the itinerary and thank guests for coming. Remember that the best quality signage will work similarly to your wedding invitations: they will be easy to read and hard to miss. This is just one other way that you can streamline your wedding and prevent your guests from getting lost.

Wedding dresses and more

You can invest in most goods and services online now, including your wedding dress. If you’re not okay with buying an expensive wedding dress that you will only wear once, there are plenty of online wedding help options available for wedding dress rentals, sales, and more.

Soon-to-be brides have started renting wedding dresses. After all, most brides only plan on wearing their wedding dress once. If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of spending hundreds — or even thousands — on a wedding dress, looking into rental options may be the perfect choice for you.

Others love the idea of investing in a dress. Some may want to pass their wedding dress onto their future children or re-style the dress for casual wear later on. Regardless, many of these wedding sites realize that finding the perfect wedding dress is like finding a needle in a haystack: it takes time and it rarely happens on the first try. That’s why a growing number of retailers have also started to offer return options. For example, online wedding sites, like Nearly Newlywed, give brides five days to try on their wedding dress and decide if they want to keep it or not. If you find out that it isn’t the one for you, simply return it for a full refund. This is a great choice if you have a decently-sized nest egg gleaned from top investing apps. You never know when your investments will help with major life purchases.

These kinds of online wedding help services are essential during this period of social distancing. Since you cannot leave your home, trying on wedding dresses in-store is nearly impossible. Instead, trying on wedding dresses in the comfort of your home makes the process a lot less stressful. You can even video chat your bridesmaids and family members to get their opinions since you cannot see them in person.

Video production

Nowadays, most videographers advertise their services online. With a little keyword-based searching, you can find a full-service video production team in no time at all. Best of all? Most videographers will give you physical copies and digital downloads of your wedding video to keep forever. Share them online or store them in a cloud so you never lose them. These services aren’t cheap, but it’s worth it if you want to relive your special moments over and over again.

On a similar note, you can also search online for the best photographers in your area. While having a video production of your wedding is nice, you’ll love looking at some of the expert photographs displayed in your home for years to come. It might take a photographer a few weeks to get the photos back to you, but you can rest assured that they will be worth the wait. Just be sure to sign a contract with your creative directors to prevent any miscommunication before, during, and after the wedding.

Planning a wedding is hard, but technology makes it easier

Planning a wedding will always have its ups and downs, but the current coronavirus threat is making the process harder than it should be. Not only are people losing their jobs, but many might be struggling to get through alcohol intervention and mental health issues. Once you’re sure that you can take on a new project, planning your wedding is a great way to use your extra time for good.

Luckily, there are plenty of online wedding help options to make planning your wedding a little easier. Between online retailers, wedding planners, and a few simple spreadsheets, planning your wedding from the comfort of your home should be easier than ever. When you’re ready to put your extra time to good use, rely on these aspects of technology to help streamline your special day.

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