Human chandelier’ falls: 9 performers hurt in Rhode Island circus accident

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The daughters of eve are in the trouble now. Recently, 9 female performers in a circus show plunged down along with chandelier while performing their acrobat art at Providence, Rhode Island. Chelie Barrie, a spectator of this incident said to media reporters that “I was screaming when I saw them falling down, it was really horrifying”.

On the other hand, spokesman for Ringling Bros. and Barnum andamp; Bailey Circus confirmed that “9 performers have been injured in the incident and most of the injured performers are in serious condition”. He further said bones of the performers have been broken and they are fighting for their life”.

Besides, Steven Pare Providence Public Safety Commissioner said after investigating the incident that “The performers had fallen from the height of 35 feet and not a single spectator was injured in this incident”.

Contrary to this, spokeswoman for Rhode Island Hospital confirmed to media reporters that 11 people have been hospitalized and condition of one patient is very critical. Apart from this, spokesman for Ringling Bros. and Barnum andamp; Bailey Circus said in an interview to a private news channel that “We have safety department that spends hours to ensure that all equipments are property set”.  He further says that before the beginning of our circus show, our health and safety inspectors inspect the sensitive equipments and unless they do not pass, we do not start our shows”.

The names of the injured performers are Widny Neves, Viktoriya Medeiros, Stefany Neves ,Svitlana Balanicheva, Samantha Pitard, Viktorila Liakhova, Dayana Costa, and Julissa Segrera.  Lastly, the head of public safety department said that investigation is underway and the circus show will start again from Monday.



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