Inadequate Insulation Could Cause Your House to Become Stifling

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Believe it or not, inefficient air conditioning isn’t actually the reason why so many homes remain stifling, despite their owners’ best efforts. More than likely, it’s actually because of inadequate insulation.

In fact, about 70% of U.S. homes are under insulated by Energy Star’s standards, resulting in higher rates of energy consumption because of increased heat gains and losses.

 about 70% of U.S. homes are under insulated by Energy Star's standards
About 70% of U.S. homes are under insulated by Energy Star’s standards.

Patrick Pitrone, President of USA Insulation — the country’s largest retrofit home insulation franchise — says that he and his team “have found that homes that are poorly insulated, or not insulated at all, can be returned to comfortably cool temperatures just by adding insulation to the walls and attic.”

It makes sense. A house’s attic and walls make up about 80% of the surfaces that are exposed to the outside environment, so if a home is under insulated, hot air will naturally permeate the barrier and increase a house’s temperature.

poorly insulated home can even cause an air conditioner to break down. Homeowners put their AC units on full blast for long periods of time, in the hopes that they’ll compensate for the inadequate insulation. Naturally, this wears out the units’ mechanisms, and causes them to breakdown.

Adding insulation to your home saves money and improves comfort,” writes the U.S. Department of energy, adding that improved home insulation “is a sound investment that is likely to pay for itself quickly in reduced utility bills. Insulation inhibits heat flow through the building envelope of your home, saving money and improving comfort.”

If your home is sweltering despite the best efforts of your air conditioning unit, you may want to consider having a professional assess and evaluate the condition of your home’s insulation before deciding to invest thousands of dollars into a brand new air conditioning unit that won’t solve the problem. If you do, you may find the perfect solution to your summer problems.

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