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The average workplace manager spends between 25% and 40% of their time in conflict management. This can be frustrating to both the manager doing the conflict resolution and the individuals involved in the conflict, especially if it’s a customer. The goal is to provide the best customer service possible, which isn’t always successful.

To help managers track their customer-support related tasks, developers created task management software and similar applications. And now, companies are seeking to expand this software, including JetBlue, who expanded their customer service platform to track users across a wide variety of systems.

The airline is partnering up with a startup called Gladly, which provides a more modern web app for customer service operations. Using this program, JetBlue hopes it can track customer emails, phone messages, and texts, as well as tweets and Facebook messages, to make their customer service systems run more smoothly. This is an overhaul of their entire current customer service operation, making it all into a single feed.

Frankie Littleford, a co-founder of the airline and its vice president of customer support, told The Verge that he was thankful for the streamlined system, as most customers use more than one channel to communicate.

“Seventy-one percent of customers use at least three channels to communicate. Gladly is going to take all of those communications and consolidate it into one platform. So instead of our crew members today having to have multiple applications open, toggling between screens, and maybe because of inactivity being logged out of one application and having to log back in and piece things together, this tool brings everything into one view in one application.”

With the new system, a customer can tweet at the airline about missing their flight, follow up with a phone call, move to a text message, and a representative won’t miss any of it. They’ll have the entire conversation and the aspects of the support ticket on track.

This also allows the airline to reach out to customers who suffered an inconvenience like lost luggage, a canceled or delayed flight, or other issues, and give them rewards or upgrades for loyalty, all from the Gladly app itself.

“In today’s environment, while our crew members still provide that empathetic and caring service … they don’t have that consolidated view, so it takes a lot more searching. And quite honestly today, they would not be able to piece all of that together,” Littleford added. “So this is game changing.”

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