Malaysia 370 Flight: New signal sounds ‘just like’ one from a plane’s beacon

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After the passage of one month search operation, researchers say that they have received signals from the black box. The head of Joint Agency Coordination Center said on Monday that “Pinger locator in the Indian Ocean has received consistent signals from the black box and it was supposed to be biggest development in the search operation”.

On the other hand, Marshal Angus Houston the retired Air Chief said that “we have received audible and visual indications and they were just like emergency location beacon”. He further said that the signals our ships received were coming from the depth of 4,500 meters but it was not confirm whether the signals were coming from missing plane. The retired Air Chief said on this development that “I am more optimistic than the last week findings and we need time to get some wreckage”.

Besides, officials of the Malaysian government said the new analysis shows that pilot was intentionally flying the missing aircraft below the recommended height and it was perhaps an attempt to hide from radar.   Apart from this, a team of investigators of Chinese ship claimed that “they had also received two audible signals from the southern part of the Indian Ocean and it was yet to confirm that whether the signals were transmitted by black box”.

Chinese ShipOn the contrary, experts hold the opinion that investigators have really short time to find the wreckage because batteries of the black box -responsible for transmitting signals- have longevity of 30 days.Last but not the least, investigators hold the view that we cannot say who was flying the commercial jet but it is for sure that it was being professionally flown after its sudden disappearance from the radar.



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