Miami Ice Cream Shop Brings in New Technology to Spice Up Their Frozen Treats

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ICE CREAMApproximately 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen dessert products are produced in the U.s. annually, but few of them are made like the treats in one Miami ice cream shop.

At F27, there are no pre-packaged paper cartons filled with frozen treats. Instead, customers are presented with a combination of science and art as their orders are made in front of them with liquid nitrogen.

“Several years ago, we were given an assignment to come up with a new business or improve a business that already existed,” said Carlouis de Palma, owner of the experimental ice cream parlor. “I’ve always been interested in finding innovative ways to create a better product, and in St. Maarten, where I’m from, ice cream is an art. This is what led me to liquid nitrogen.”

After an order is placed at the counter, custom-designed machines inject liquid nitrogen into a vanilla base and freeze the product in less than 60 seconds, which eliminates the formation of large crystals and enhances the smooth, creamy texture.

Customers can create their frozen confection by choosing any combination of flavors and toppings, or sticking to the ice cream parlor’s menu of custom creations.

More and more customers are coming from all areas to try these creative concoctions, but not all are likely coming to see the liquid nitrogen do its work. Given the recent, intense heat, some likely just want to cool off.

Florida officially tops the nation in the number of metro areas expected to see a dangerous combination of heat and humidity, according to a report released by Climate Central.

“Heat is already the number one weather-related killer in the U.S. It’s not floods or hurricane or tornadoes,” said Alyson Kenward, an author of the report and a senior scientist at Climate Central, a nonprofit news organization staffed by scientists and journalists.

“These hot and sticky conditions have already been increasing since the 1970s and in the future, if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the rate they’ve been going, we’re going to see more and more dangerous heat conditions,” she said.

The combination of heat and humidity can make temperatures feel higher than they actually are, but it can also make hot weather dangerous. Regardless of the awareness to the danger, citizens far and wide are rushing to air conditioning and ice cream to cool off.

“We have repeat customers who drive from South Miami and, even in some cases, from up north to get their treats with their family. I opened this place due to the love I have for innovative ice cream, and I’m glad others do too,” said de Palma.

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