New Technology Brings Disney Goers All Over the World

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Disneyland and Disney World are the most magical places on earth, and for the 45% of Americans who take a summer vacation, their retreat just got a little bit more high-tech, too.

One of Disney’s most popular rides, Soarin’ Over California, is set to be replaced with Soarin’ Around The World.

Making its debut in Disneyland in 2001, and in Disney World in 2005, Soarin’ Over California is known for its hang-gliding simulation and smell of fresh orange groves. The film takes viewers on a flight over California landmarks while the seats move in synchronization with the scenes.

But now, a new and improved technology will bring riders on an epic journey to six continents. Advanced technology will upgrade this ride in every way.

This means that viewers will get even closer to the world’s wildest wonders. Camera equipment was dangled below a helicopter as it flew between rock formations and across varied terrain.

A high resolution camera was even attached to a low flying helicopter, bringing viewers up close and personal to the Great Wall of China. This is an unprecedented luxury, as Disney has not been able to film the Great Wall since 1982.

Jason Grandt, art director for Walt Disney Engineering says Soarin’ Around the World will focus on human-made monuments. He adds that new cameras with laser projection will make the attraction even more exciting.

“The sights you’re going to see are going to be stunning, crystal-clear and unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” Grandt reported to Orlando Sentinel. “Imagineering has sort of created this one-of-kind, unique camera system that delivers the highest resolution film imagery anywhere… We’ve coupled that with a new laser projection system.”

Coupled with these new cameras are higher resolution screens and projection systems, a third theater, and interactive line games and activities.

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