One Third of People Left Their Religion Due to Anti-Gay Policies in Millennial

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It has been surveyed that one out of five adults in United States does not have affiliation with any religion. No doubt, young people have no interest in religion compared to their forefathers and the ratio of separating from the faith grows with every passing day.

Public Religion Research Institute claimed that about one in three Americans left their faith in millennial due to maltreatment and pathetic teachings against the gays and Lesbians. The survey has been released on Wednesday and it clearly unfolds the true reasons of leaving the faith.

When the survey was being carried out, people of 18 to 34 years of age had been interviewed for this drop out. About 17 percent of them said that “LGBT issue in religion was unavoidably important and it was related to our departure” while 14 percent of them categorically said that “This is a very important factor and should not be neglected”. On the other hand, majority of the Americans hold the opinion that “the reason of separation from the religion is that our young adults have turned out to be too judgmental over the lesbian and gay issues”.

gayRobert P. Jones the CEO of Public Religion Research Institute has said that “It is established fact in our research that wrong teachings over the LGBT issues have forced the young adults to part away from the Churches”. It goes without saying that PPRI has remained staunch supporter of LGBT rights and always sided with gays and Lesbians rights.
Last but not the least, this survey was based on polling and about 4500 people had been polled over the issues related same sex marriage including the State laws over the issue. Contribution of religions to this issue had also been asked from the people.



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