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It may be shocking news for Apple phone and computer users that their emails, financial details, and other important data could be leaked due to massive security flaws. These security breaches invite hackers and cyber pirates to invade your device.

Here goes what you need to know before using the devices:

Update your device

Reuters reports that Apple had hurriedly launched an update for all mobile phone users for fixing a bug and it was disclosed that all apple phones will be automatically updated. But, you should check your device whether it has been updated or not. If the update has not been processed, tap on General submenu and update the IOS manually. Apple has also released an update for Apple TV precautionary.

What are the breaches?

Generally the bug that affects the IOS devices allows hackers or cyber pirates to invade your device and monitor all the e commerce activities you do on your web. Actually, this bug has the potential to derive your unencrypted traffic to his access for personal vested interests. But, it must be noted that the bug usually works on shared network and the hacker must be from your own locality. Besides, you have least chances of cyber invasion if your WIFI connectivity is secured. Therefore, you should not use your device to connect with public networks. Otherwise, hackers will easily steal your all financial details from your device.

How it works?

The expert of Google disclosed that “The bug has the potential to bypass the verification process for completing a certain online activity”. Basically this bug changes the functioning of Secure Sockets Layer and once the bug is instilled the SSL will accept any key to pass the verification process.

How can you be protected?

First of all, if you are having IPhone or Ipad you must update 7.0.6 version with immediate effect. Besides, those people who use 3GS or higher devices are instructed to update iOS 6.1.6 urgently. As far notebooks and Mac devices are concerned, the firm has said that it would launch a new software update very soon and the systems are somehow vulnerable to this bug. However, users of notebooks are directed to use Firefox or Chrome browsers for securing the online activity. Besides, if you wish to secure your credit monitoring then opt for credit morning service to make your financial activities secured.



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