Socially Responsible Mattress Company Leesa Expands Buissness To Canada

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According to the Seattle Times, more than 140 new, luxury mattress were donated to the Union Gospel Mission and were carried into the Pioneer Square Facility for residents in the recovery and rehab programs on Wednesday.

Each Leesa mattress is valued at $525. Hope Place, a women and children’s shelter in Rainier Valley, received another similar donation. The total donation is estimated at $150,000 from the Virginia-based company.

Leesa, a leading online mattress company and head of the industry-leading social impact program, will be expanding its business to all Canadian provinces and territories.

After achieving $30 million in sales in the U.S. and U.K., and donating more than 3,000 mattresses to shelters last year, Leesa is confident that they will succeed in Canadia.

David Wolfe, Leesa’s co-founder and chief executive officer said, “We’ve had a close connection to Canada since we chose Ottawa-based Shopify as our e-commerce platform and became one of the fastest growing companies in 2015.”

“But, more important than that,” said Wolfe, is that “news of how comfortable our mattress is has reached Canada and we are constantly asked whether we ship there.”

Considering that an estimated 20% of American adults (around 42 million people) report that pain or discomfort interrupts their sleep a few nights a week, Leesa’s claims of mattress quality are very welcome to the people at the shelters that received donations, Canada and the United States.

Leesa was named one of Forbes’ 20 Startups to Watch in 2016 and was also recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing companies. Because customers can order their mattresses online exclusively, they are also delivered in a box directly to customers’ doors.

The company works to set the bar for social responsibility in the U.S. and hopes to in Canada as well.

In order to celebrate their Canadian launch, Leesa will offer all residents $150 CAD off their order throughout the month of February.

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