Sonja Morgan: A Real Housewife with a Hole in Her Smile

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Sonja Morgan has some problems with her teeth, and she isn’t alone. There are many people who have cosmetic dental problems that embarrass them and make chewing more difficult. If you know someone who is too embarrassed to smile, this may be the reason. What many people need is to have cosmetic dentistry done to their mouth so that the teeth look better. There are many cosmetic choices for teeth, including cosmetic teeth implants.

If you have a lot of different problems that are making your teeth look worse, you may be thinking about either getting crowns or getting braces. The choice of crowns vs braces can be decided after a talk with your dentist who does cosmetic dentistry. If you want to have dental beauty, there may be multiple steps that are needed to make your teeth look and function better. Talk to your dentist about the many dental options for bad teeth so that you know exactly what may do the mot for the look of your smile. Once you and the dentist have decided on a dental plan, you can begin to get the cosmetic work done so that you’re no longer embarrassed to smile because of your teeth.

What do President Bill Clinton and Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan have in common? Why, their cosmetic dentist, of course.

In a sixth season preview for Real Houswives of New Jersey, we get a glimpse of Morgan catching one of her bottom teeth as it falls out. Fans may or may not be surprised to hear Morgan swearing as it happens.

Apparently this is not the first time Morgan’s tooth has fallen out. Her initial impulse to “crazy glue the thing in” was thankfully quashed by her general dentist. Morgan subsequently fixed the tooth in place with Polident.

Morgan is planning on undergoing a dental implant procedure to have the tooth permanently fixed. And the cosmetic dentist she’s chosen is no stranger to high-profile clientele.

“He does the White House,” said Morgan in a recent interview.

Just what will Morgan’s implant procedure entail? The oral surgeon will place a small titanium post into her jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. Once the bone heals around the metal and fuses it in place, Morgan’s replacement tooth will have a secure and reliable foundation to prevent it from ever falling out again, entertaining though it may be.

But anyone familiar with the procedure knows that there’s a pretty significant healing process involved. Usually the jawbone takes six to 12 weeks to heal completely, and only after that can the false tooth be place on top of it.

Will our beloved Sonja be out of the picture for a while?

And how did she lose the tooth in the first place? Will we get to see Morgan in the dentist’s office? Will she be under anesthesia or sedation for the procedure?

Sonja fans will just have to watch season six to find out.

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