Starbucks Teams Up With Arizona State University to Promote Education

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Starbucks recently teamed up with Arizona State University to offer its 135,000 American employees who work at least 20 hours a week a chance to get an online college degree at a massive discount. Employees attending ASU online would pay a reduced tuition in their freshman and sophomore years after receiving Starbucks scholarships, ASU scholarships, and financial aid; in the junior and senior years, Starbucks would reimburse employees for all tuition fees paid out of pocket.

Just to make this point clear– Starbucks employees now have the opportunity to earn a four-year college degree, choosing from over 40 programs of study, and only have to pay for two of those years. Employees who have already completed two years of study can finish their degree without paying one more cent.

This program is limited to employees working at Starbucks’ 8,200 company-operated stores and will not include the other 4,500 Starbucks that are operated by other franchises. However, the program will be offered to employees working at other Starbucks chains, such as Teavana and Seattle’s Best. Because the agreement with ASU features online courses, Starbucks employees all over the country –not just those in Arizona and nearby states– will be able to benefit from this program.

Despite the country’s struggling economy it seems like getting a college degree will become an easier task for young people, especially if other influential corporations start offering the kind of financial aid that Starbucks is offering. And just in case this seems a bit overwhelming for recent high school grads, luckily, companies are paying attention to the changing economy and are offering financial tools for college students to help stay organized.

One of these tools is, which draws data straight from personal banking, college loan, and credit card accounts, and it tells the user when bills are due, how much money is owed, and exactly where it needs to go. can even generate personalized savings plans and spending allowances, based on the user’s spending history and current needs. The best part about It’s even available for Android, iPhone, and iPad, so college students (or anyone else, for that matter) can get instant financial organization no matter where they are.

We can only hope that other institutions will follow Starbucks’ lead and start creating programs that encourage young Americans to strive for higher education– the future of the American economy depends on this generation and we need to give them every opportunity to succeed.

Getting a well-rounded Catholic education from one of Arizona’s top private high schools can prepare students for higher education. Unfortunately, the cast of higher education can often prevent students from achieving their education dreams. This program Starbucks has launched in Arizona is helping to close the gap between local talent and the education they need to become successful in life.

Local private high schools in Phoenix, and throughout Arizona, give students the tools they need to complete their high education programs. Now, thanks to the work of Starbucks, that opportunity is finally opening up to everyone.

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