Supreme Court strikes down overall campaign contribution cap

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The Supreme Court of United States has lifted the campaign contribution limits in its ruling. The high court said in its verdict that “combined federal caps on political parties, political action committees and individual candidates are totally unconstitutional and sabotaging the freedom of speech guaranteed in the first amendment”.

The court said that people of United States of America have full right to give maximum to candidates contesting for presidency and cabinet. Actually, the bench ruled in favor of Shaun McCutcheon the most famous businessman of Alabama who had contributed to 16 Republicans in 2012 and was disallowed to give more under the federal cap of $46,200 for overall donation.

Experts hold the opinion that this landmark verdict of Supreme Court would grossly affect the political system as wealthy people will easily influence a big number of candidates at national scale. Chief Justice John Roberts gave his verdict that “federal caps do not act to prevent corruption”.  He quoted 1976 campaign finance ruling of Buckley v. Valeo and said that “the overall limits are intruding the fundamental rights of the people and sabotaging the spirit of first amendment”.

On the other hand, Justice Clarence Thomas said that I agree with the outcome of this case and if I were to give verdict, I would have uplifted all contribution limits. Besides, McCutcheon said that “we are the reins of power and it is our right to support as many candidates as we can”. He said that I am thankful to Supreme Court for passing the ruling and it would uphold the supremacy of first constitutional amendment.

Last but not the least, Josh Earnest the spokesman of White House said that “we are really disappointed from this decision and it would affect the American political system to larger extent”.



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