These New Earbuds Won’t Play Tunes, But They May Help You Sleep

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 35% of adults don’t get even seven hours of sleep per night. With so many Americans feeling more stressed than ever, it’s no wonder a lot of us aren’t able to sleep very well at night. But one renowned consumer electronics company wants to change that by blocking out all the anxiety-inducing distractions from the world around you.

Those who are feeling depressed and overworked may have trouble getting their minds to slow down for some needed shut-eye. And while activities like knitting have been found to improve moods — around 81% of respondents with depression in a study reported feeling happier after engaging in this craft activity — that’s not always an appealing endeavor for everyone. Fortunately, there are other ways to escape from your own thoughts and head off to dreamland (without the use of Ambien).

Bose just released a new product known as Sleepbuds. They look like regular earbuds, but they’re totally wireless and specially engineered to help you slumber. They’re designed to stay put in your ears all night long and lull you to sleep with help from 10 preloaded white noise sounds — including ocean and forest varieties — and Bose’s accompanying Sleep mobile app. The company adds that while the physical design of the buds is designed to block out external noise, they don’t actually contain noise-canceling technology (a decision they said allowed them to save space). But the silver-zinc battery allows for 16 hours of life, meaning that you could use them for a couple of nights without charging them. Another plus: they’re reportedly comfortable for side-sleepers and for those who sleep on their backs, which isn’t always the case with other kinds of headphones. They can also act as your alarm to wake you up once you’re well-rested.

There are some drawbacks, though. For a set of headphones that can’t connect to your devices or play anything but sleep noises, they’re pretty expensive. The market value of consumer electronics in the U.S. was expected to exceed $120 billion in 2016, and Bose is racking up its fair share of the profits. Following the success of a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, these Sleepbuds will set you back $250 a pop, which might seem a bit steep to many consumers. But if you’re plagued with insomnia, have a noisy neighbor, or simply can’t get out of your own head, the price could be well worth it. Of course, you could opt to be a traditionalist and buy a white noise machine or a fan for $20 instead. But where’s the fun in that?

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