This geodesic houseboat cost less than $2,000 to build

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Leading a simple and meaningful life demands you to modify your habits and unless you do not bring changes as per situational needs, you would not be able to enjoy the shores of water. To offer you the pleasures of smooth sailing, Michael Weekes has engineered a geodesic houseboat that costs less than USD $2,000 to build.

Dornob writes that this boat of Michael Weekes is non-powered and 16 feet long. There are 27 recycled gallon storage containers that keep the boat to float in the water. Besides, it has the tendency to host more than 12 adults apart from 5,000 pounds weight hosting capacity. And, it is supposed to be good functioning.  The houseboat is built with 2 x 2 struts and plywood hubs which are joined by screws.

geodesic-houseboat-michael-weekes-Last but not the least, Weekes holds the opinion that “It is just the beginning; I am going to engineer more sustainable houseboats for people and trying my best to come up with new house-boating ideas”.



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