Three Social Media Marketing Tips for Busy Businesses

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With social media usage becoming more prevalent than ever in 2014, it is clear that businesses should be placing a high priority on their social media marketing. The benefits from this choice can be huge: a study from Media Bistro found that about two-thirds of businesses see lead generation when spending just six or more hours per week on social media marketing. But even six hours a week can be a challenge for some businesses, with everything from customers to serve to a lack of technical know-how holding many back. However, by making smart choices, even the busiest companies can improve their business through social media. Can the tips below help you market your company on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites?

Analyze Your Data
It isn’t enough to post photos and make a few comments; businesses need to analyze what is and isn’t working, and then focus their approach accordingly. This helps companies make the most of what time they have while simultaneously implementing an effective advertising strategy. But how do you make sense of the massive amounts of data social media creates?

Two-thirds of businesses see lead generation when spending just six or more hours per week on social media marketing.
Two-thirds of businesses see lead generation when spending just six or more hours per week on social media marketing.

Sam’s Restaurant, located in the South Boston Seaport, chose to hire a professional. After realizing that their distracted social media presence lacked direction, the owner hired Front Burner Social, a Boston company that specializes in helping restaurants market themselves online. Front Burner Social managed the business’s social media presence, but also tracked their posts and comments. The monthly analysis of their different accounts helps the restaurant create content that matters.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity
Businesses can often pass around their social media responsibilities by handing off a camera or asking an employee with some free time to take a look at the company’s Twitter account. However, this can have mixed results: the person who wound up with the job could get distracted by another task, or some inappropriate content might be posted. Avoid this by focusing on quality over quantity: instead of creating a busy social media presence, make sure you’re posting great photos, tweets and comments on a regular, if not constant, basis. This creates a more effective strategy, not to mention less controversy from ill-advised content.

Get Personal
When weather reports predicted that a snowstorm would hit Massachusetts on a busy Saturday night, many restaurants and other businesses in the area likely expected that they would miss out on the typically busy weekend rush. However, the owner of Craigie on Main in Cambridge saw an opportunity to connect with his customers: after tweeting “We’re open tonight. Walk, snowshoe, sled or ski – come over and brave the storm with us,” the restaurant was soon crowded despite the unfavorable weather. The tweet reached out and invited customers to become part of the restaurant’s story through an interesting suggestion. While every internet user probably knows that there is such a thing as too personal, this attempt was enough to save the restaurant from a night that would have otherwise have been a dud.

It can be difficult to make time for social media marketing, especially with all of the other responsibilities associated with running a business. However, with the right steps, it can become an easy, integral and effective part of your business. Ask yourself: how can you connect with your customers online?

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